Frotté is a Danish slow fashion brand, based in Copenhagen.

It all started with a passion for vintage frotté towels - the colors, texture and quality. We wanted to give these old souls a new life by recycling them into new beautiful designs and thereby extend their lifespan. 

The products are handmade in Copenhagen and each towel is carefully selected, so we make sure that they are in good condition. However, traces of patina may occur, since we are using vintage towels. We believe that it's a part of the charm and adds an extra layer of personality.

The towels we use are 100% recycled, while we strive to make use of deadstock and leftover fabrics for the remaining parts of the designs.  

All of our goods can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C on a gentle program in order to maintain the durability. Also, we recommend not to machine it more than necessary in order for the designs to keep its shape. 
Do not tumble dry or iron.